Fallout 3
My first Mod with GECK

Interior of House on Abbey Hill

Working on now - last updated 20th dec 2008

I keep changing the screenshots as the house improves - this is a work in progress. December 20th 2008


The House on Abbey Hill - The Living Room - Redecorated 19 dec 08

Fallout3 Abbey Hill Kitchen

The Kichen Area - Redecorated 19 dec08

Fallout3 Living Room

Living Room View from kitchen. Newly re-textured lamp - Re-done 20 Dec 08

Abbey Hill Living Room Hula Gal.jpg

Close up of the much coveted hula gal.

Abbey Hill Work Area.jpg

Abbey Hill Work Area.jpg

The work area. Mousie Tung is a scientist and engineer. He is aways working at his inventions or repairing old equipment.

Abbey Hill Bedroom.jpg

The bedroom - To hell with sleeping in those dirty colonies. I like to pamper myself. Redecorated 20 dec 08

Abbey Hill Bathroom Area

Revision 2 - Bathroom area - there's no gnome at home.

Abbey Hill Bathroom Area

Revision 2 - Bathroom area - Looking for a mirror?

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