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House on Abbey Hill

Fallout 3 screenshot of Fallout 3 My Ranch House

The house on Abbey Hill - Built by my father's friend, Mousie Tung, while I was growing up in 101.
Mousie Tung is a scientist of Chinese descent. My father saved his life from a crowd intent on killing him. This was many years ago before I was born.
Dad had intended it as our future home and he was going to bring me to live here, but as things turned out, both Mousie and the house have become my responsibility.

We have a constant source of water under the house that we filter through a reconditioned Acme Purifyer to produce the freshest, cleanest, uncontaminated water around.

Now that the radiation count is down so low outside it's safer to live in many parts of the wastelands, as witnessed by the many outsiders and traders who, aside from withstanding the radiation, have also adjusted well to living with the constant threat from savage creatures and brutal mutants.

Fallout 3 screenshot of mod My Ranch House

The rancher is mine now but I have much to do in the wastelands and can spend very little time there presently.

Mousie Tung, my Dad's good friend is the caretaker/houseman. He keeps it well protected and does all of the work. We have a deal with a local gang of raiders - they protect us from other gangs and trade animal meat in return for fresh water.

Currently Mousie is having great success with an indoor garden. He is growing a few vegetables. Three weeks ago I came across some tomato seeds from a safe in the second basement of the agriculture building in the city and guess what? Mousie has already got little sprouts coming up - we could soon be eating the first tomatoes grown in 200 years!

I met a dying trader who told me of a location in the Northwest that has some berries growing on bushes. I must find that location on my next trek up that way.

Fallout 3 mod My Ranch House long view

Here you see the rancher on Abbey Hill. The hill gets it's name from an old abbey that was here over 500 years ago. There are crumbling tunnels honeycombing the hill but cave-ins and collapses have blocked them. One day I'll explore them in more depth.

To the left, in the distance, you can see the Tenpenny Towers, amazing how that structure has withstood the war over 200 years ago and the ravishes of time. I did some work for the owner and he offers me a free suite there. I rarely go there now but it's a handy place to use as a headquarters because I'm very cautious about who knows where my rancher is.

On the right is the Dunwich Building, that's a place I have yet to explore. Most of the outsiders and travellers have warned me away. Mousie says that he and Dad were almost killed when they went to explore and decided there was nothing there worth the danger. But I don't know... I think I'll investigate the Dunwich Building myself tonight...

Fallout 3 mod Mousie Tung portrait shot outside the Rancher at sunset

Mousie Tung portrait shot outside the Rancher at sunset. Mousie is about 73 and was born near the coast. My father was only a teenager when they met. Dad had saved Mousie from an angry mob and hid him out. He told me Dad taught him how to handle a gun and he taught Dad science.

Fallout 3 mod Mousie Tung holding his 44magnum

Mousie Tung - holding his 44magnum. Don't be fooled by his appearance, Mousie is a crackshot and never misses.

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