How did I make a yellow crapper?

Many of you have been begging to find out this incredible news. Here laid out in all it's graphic detail is how you too can make Yellow Crappers!!!

[This will make all the 'clean' crappers in Fallout 3 into yellow crappers]
Programs used: FO3 Archive Utility (1) and DDS Converter (2.1)

Step One in the Making of Yellow Crappers

In Fallout 3 there are dirty crappers and clean crappers, both are a grubby grey color.
Immediately, when I got GECK I wanted to see if recoloring / retexturing was the same as in Oblivion, basically it is, but with a few mega-differences when it comes to lighting, shaders and whatever other wierd and wonderful secrets yet for me to find out.
I chose the crappers because I figured it would be a quick and easy way to notice if my changes worked in game.

I used simple-to-use unpacker program
to find out where, [INSIDE the Textures.BSA file] and what, the crapper's texture (a .dds file) is - textures\clutter\bathroom\
Using the FO# Utility I clicked thru the textures\clutter\bathroom and found the image file
Pretty easy to guess what it was unlike some of the other Fallout3 texture filenames
Then I used an excellent, easy and free, DDS converter program to change to a .jpg - then recolored and saved it.
You can recolor it with any paint type program just like paint by numbers.

Using the same converter program, I reconverted the .jpg back to a .dds -

Copying the same path found in the textures.BSA, I made a directory in my fallout 3\data\ directory called textures.
Then inside that I made one called clutter and inside clutter made one called bathroom
mine looks like this:

C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data\textures\clutter\bathroom\
put your newly recolored .dds image in there.

UPDATE! I have just found Paint.NET!Get Paint.NET!

a free graphics program that will let you both open and save images in .DDS format.
It does just about everything else you need to do for 'painting' textures as well.
I still use DDS Converter for doing Batches of .dds files at once.

Step Two in the Making of Yellow Crappers

Start notepad and write this line:
save it as this name:
Put this file in the folder before the data folder where your main Fallout3.exe is.
As you add more textures that you have change put each path on a different line
You can use this program: a clever little timesaver that does it for you.ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated

Step Three in the Making of Yellow Crappers

Start the game - go to a clean bathroom there are crappers everywhere - like in Tenpenny Towers(not during the battle) - and see your recolored yellow crapper.
If there is no change it means either the .dds is renamed incorrectly or the path shown in the data\textures\clutter\bathroom\ is wrong.

The changes must also be added your ArchiveInvalidation.txt in the fallout 3 folder (not necessary if using the ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated program - cor, wotta moufal!)

If you get adventurous try to change some armor textures or anything else you want.

If you decide you don't like the new texture - just erase the dds that you recolored (and remove the line in the ArchiveInvalidation.txt if needed.)

Naturally you must change the various paths to the files you convert to match

Fallout archives(zips) its data files and calls them .BSA - You need to only 'unpack' the ones you want to change.
You will see after trying this, textures and sounds and other things can be altered as you like.
You will need to know and use the programs and steps outlined here even with the Editor(G.E.C.K).

There is a lot more to know about texturing especially as most items have more ways of describing to the game HOW to show the item's texture
See the [Wiki] for more.

Screenshot showing the yellow crapper. The bathtub has been recolored slightly. The sinks retain original color of all three bathroom fixtures

screenshot of a yellow crapper, the bathtub has also been recolored - a lesser shade of yellow, and the sink is the original color that the crapper and the tub were.

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