GECK Error Messages

updated: December 23 2008
.... GECK is now crashing whenever I try to save my mod.

GECK Errors.

GECK error message from Zone Alarm

The message from Zone Alarm is too vague to tell anything.
Answering YES or DENY causes this next message:

Microsolf error message about GECK

The mod shows no errors when loading into GECK or doing anything in GECK - it just crashes when I try to save.

Obviously it's what I am doing in the mod but what? So far the only moddy type things I have done are texture changes.

I can go back to an older save and start from there but until I find out what's happening there is no point.

NOTE: ZoneAlarm is a firewall. It crashes with or without ZoneAlarm.

Googling I found this useful link at PCmag .
The description says..."
FILENAME: Dwwin.exe.
DESCRIPTION: Microsoft application error-reporting tool, which gathers data about malfunctioning software and can send it to Microsoft.

malfunctioning software ?
I shall learn some more about re-texturing with GECK - it's not the same as TESCS that's for sure!

Some GECK error messages that I got and what they seem to be from.

GECK error message 1
GECK error message 2
GECK error message 3
GECK error message 4
GECK error message 5
GECK error message 6
GECK error message 7
These were being caused by these:

Fallout3 AbbeyHill errors.jpg
I had not changed or altered them in any way - other than choosing them from the STATIC items list in GECK

I deleted them from the mod and all is okay.... presently.

GECK error message 7

Fallout3 AbbeyHill 2 errors.jpg

I was using these wooden shelves - I had made copies, but again I drew them from the static list and were not altered.
I deleted this from my mod. I don't know what this error means... yet.

Close up of Shelf Fallout3_wooden shelf

GECK error message 7

I was just making this face when this error popped up?

I had not touched or ask for any audio. The character was started as new NPC not one from the game.

I do not know why? It's not solved yet.

When I made Mousie Tung :

Fallout 3 Mousie Tung Face portrait

I got the errors that many seem to encounter concerning missing some textures:

Could not get file for texture textures\Characters\head\earshuman.dds
Could not get file for texture textures\Characters\head\earshuman_n.dds
Could not get file for texture textures\Characters\head\earshuman_sk.dds
Could not get file for texture textures\Characters\mouth\mouthhuman.dds
Could not get file for texture textures\Characters\mouth\teethlowerhuman_n.dds
Could not get file for texture textures\Characters\mouth\teethupperhuman_n.dds
Could not get file for texture textures\Characters\mouth\toguehuman_n.dds

everytime I load MOD into GECK.
I have since deleted him and will re-make my NPCs later - for now I am re-texturing and making more rooms.
I have also seen these errors come up (always in a batch) when clicking on game cell in GECK before I have modded anything at all.

I have a basement coming - screenshots soon.

This first screenshot - a glimpse of Abbey Hill basement - with retextured walls. Render light off.

The second screenshot is taken a second later with the Render lighting turned on.

Fallout3 new Abbey Hill basement before I use lighting

Fallout3 new Abbey Hill basement after I use lighting

The textured objects disapear:
Note the lab set on the table at left
The cupboards on the wall in Front
All the items on the right.
The door across the way disapears. (the round orange light is okay I put that there)
This is exactly the same view - one with the Render lighting turned off the other on .

A number of modders report similiar problems, when modding outside, with the land meshes disapearing and objects messing up.
It will usually return to'normal' when the lighting is turned off again or by restarting GECK.


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